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Image guidelines

For images please send jpegs of size appr. 2400x2400px or bigger. Send the whole campaign in one email (if possible) and zip up the jpegs.

Movie guidelines

Please send YouTube or Vimeo videos posted by the brand or agency. If you send .mov it implies you agree Just Creative Ads will upload it on your behalf to YouTube.

Audio guidelines

For radio ads please send YouTube or Vimeo (see above) or .mp3 files along with the brand logo.

Flash banner guidelines

Please send .swf files for creative flash banners. Include the exact size in pixels.

Credit format

Please provide the following information with all submissions in Title Case:

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Advertising Agency: Name, City, Country
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Not all submissions are posted.
Do not send the same work several times.
You can read about the selection criteria here.
Publication is permanent, get all necessary approvals in advance.
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