Kit Kat: Free No-WiFi Zone

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Kit Kat: Free No-WiFi Zone

Kit Kat: Free No-WiFi Zone

The world is becoming one big WiFi zone. It’s available in bars, restaurants, trains, airports, supermarkets.. There’s even WiFi on Mount Everest. Result? People are constantly online. Time for a break. So we created a Free No-WiFi Zone. In a radius of 5 meters, we blocked all signals so people could escape e-mails, updates, tags or likes. Instead, they could enjoy a good old newspaper or a hardcover book. Some even had a real conversation. Whilst eating a Kit Kat of course.

Advertising Agency: JWT Amsterdam, the Netherlands
Creative Director: Bas Korsten
Concept: Ben Goedegebuur, Fethi Uluak
Design: Kyoko Takeshita
Photographer: Tim Keen
Producer: Elke ter Bogt

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