Novartis: High Cholesterol

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Novartis High Cholesterol Novartis High Cholesterol

To show the importance of controlling and diagnosing high cholesterol and the problems it can cause to the health of the population, McCann Health São Paulo brings a campaign where it creates the direct association of the harm caused by fatty plaques in the veins that high cholesterol implies in organism of people to everyday situations in two graphic pieces: traffic and escalator.

In the printed pieces, we demonstrate how the circulation routes that are “clogged” can cause a disturbance in the general environment (related to the harm caused by high cholesterol when they clog the veins and do not allow the normal flow of blood).

People and cars in yellow represent the grease plates “clogging up” the flow of traffic/people in everyday life. The entire campaign brings the concept: “If it gets stuck, life stops”.

Print advertisement created by McCann Health, Brazil for Novartis, within the category: Pharmaceutical.

Advertising Agency: McCann Health Sao Paulo
Creative Director: Alessandra Gomes
Senior Art Director: Eduardo Basque
Senior Copywriter: Fernando Franchim
Imago Studio: Guilherme Duarte


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