Personified Pastry Ads

A pastry is worth 1,000 words, but the Pastelite VIP campaign suggests a few more. The GettingBetter advertising agency of Alicante, Spain, helped to cook up a run of six prints depicting the antics of these Very Important Pastelitos.

Pastélite, the maker of these scrumptious snacks attempts to create even more of an emotional connection between its delectable desserts and consumers. To accomplish this, the cupcakes, Minicupcakes and Cakepops featured in these ads have assumed animated personalities that are immediately relatable to their human hunters.

The oh-so-sweet advertisements describe richly flavored treats behaving like snobs, Minicupcakes like children, baked lollipops like ditzes, amidst wittily whipped up comments discussing nuts as hats and muffin cups as skirts. Despite the sugar-coated cuteness of Pastelite VIP campaign, I’m sure I’d have no problem scoffing down these confections.




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