LP&M Editora: The Original Pocket Books

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L&PM, the largest pocket books publisher of Brazil, is promoting its new collection in an unusual media. The timely action created by DM9Rio in partnership with Free Surf – brand presents in more than 1,000 stores in the country – brings different stories exactly where they be loaded, in the pockets.

For the campaign “The Original Pocket Books” was developed an exclusive jeans collection. The line created brings snippets of famous stories and poems printed directly on liners pants. The concept is: “Carry good stories with you.”

Advertising Agency:DM9Rio, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Creative Vp:Álvaro Rodrigues
Creative Directors:Álvaro Rodrigues, Diogo Mello
Copywriters:Maicon Silveira, Fernando De Clemente
Art Director:Marcos Gemal
Project Manager:Monique Lima
Production:Magic Brands
Aproved by:Ivan Pinheiro Machado
Client:Ivan Pinheiro Machado


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