The Senior Game Changers

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When looking at e-sports, the fastest growing sport in the world, we found that it as a culture attracts mainly young men (10:1 ratio 2018), both playing and following, excluding not only women, but also older people. The elderly, who are also seen as the digital underclass.

But gaming really isn’t about physical strength or about who you are or where you’re from. Anyone should be able to take part.

So, when every tech brand is looking to promote AR or VR inventions we looked the other way and embodied Lenovos brand tagline “Different is better” in a new shape and form. We created a living proof in that would strengthen Lenovo’s brand in the e-sport community. This by creating a series of Counter Strike Teams consisting of elderly that could infiltrate the gaming community. With our modest budget, they have played against pro kids, made interviews, spoken with politicians, inspired and been copied (seriously great). A digitally overloaded group has connected with the digital underclass. Grandmothers play with grandchildren. The attention in mainstream media has brought understanding to an often misunderstood sport. The Silver Snipers, Grey Gunners and the other teams proves that gaming is for everyone.

Advertising Agency: Ehrenstråhle, Stockholm, Sweden
Copywriter: Joakim Estemar
Art Director: Oskar Ferm
Production Manager: Jonna Peltonen
Social Media Manager: Anna Mattsson
Final Art: Satany Doughouz
Graphic Design: Linda Engström
Graphic Design: Lisa Thunander
Final Art: Lars Carlsson
Project Manager: Sophia Meijer
Creative Director: Marcus Bjurman

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