Gold’s Gym Body Transformation: Lose to win

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Gold's Gym Body Transformation: Lose to win

Gold's Gym Body Transformation: Lose to win

Gold's Gym Body Transformation: Lose to win

Junk food represents a risk to our health when ingested on a daily basis and becomes a continuous eating habit, making us have a general excess of fat in the body.

The anxiety and addiction created by this condition, causes the body to control the desire to eat insatiably, growing like a monster, feeding voraciously and always wanting more.
Each of these people started with small excuses like “Just a slice”, “Just a craving” or “Just a bit”.

With Gold’s Gym and it’s program Body Transformation of 12 weeks of consecutive training, we present to consumers how this sad story of obesity begins and how it could end by transforming body and mind.

Through a campaign giving visual life in a shocking way to three stories, where each one represents a junk food that starts a problem, being devoured by the folds of an obese body, clearly showing that your problem starts with something, but can end with our Body Transformation program.
Advertising Agency:Cazar DDB, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
General Creative Director:Salvador Lister Marin
Creative Director:Freddy Montero Galva
Art Director:Marcos Zorrilla
Copywriter:Salvador Lister Marin, Freddy Montero Galva

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