Coca-Cola : Coca-Cola Braille

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Coca-Cola : Coca-Cola Braille

In 2014, thousands shared a Coke with their names on them. The movement was a huge success, but we realized we missed a Coke for those who couldn’t see their name written. There was no brief. This was not a petition from our client, this was an idea we developed together with one objective in mind: Share the happiness with people that, even if they can’t see their name, they could feel it for the first time ever in a Coca-Cola Can.

Advertising Agency:Anonimo, Mexico City, Mexico
Chief Creative Officer:Rafael Martinez
Head Of Art:Jorge Méndez
Group Creative Head:Benjamin Pedrero
Creative Directors:Benjamin Pedrero, Rogelio Cortéz
Art Director:Maricarmen Rubí, Julio Eloss, Erika Gómez
Copywriter:Silvia Lona, Luis Meza, Alan Marín
Clients:Diego Bracamontes, Fernanda Zabalgoitia, Eduardo Ruíz

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