Retailer Tok&Stok Brings a Physical Pinterest Button Into Its Stores

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Brazilian furniture retailer Tok&Stok has integrated Pinterest into its physical stores in an innovative way, letting people trying out furniture items “pin” them directly to their boards while browsing.
In collaboration with Pinterest, agency DM9DDB created a physical Pinterest pin for customers to press, which connects via Bluetooth to the customer’s PinList app on their mobile. “The innovation is in the app’s easy and intuitive use and all the technology backing it up, so that you don’t have to leave the app open or pair your cellphone’s bluetooth with the physical button,” explained Igor Puga, VP for Integration and Innovation at DM9DDB in a statement.
As seen in the film here, the pins are distributed all over the store, making it easy for people to add any item to their board — handy, for example, if you’re choosing for a wedding list or simply want to try something out for size before purchasing later. It’s a great example of integration between the in-store and online environments.

Agency: DM9DDB
Chief Creative Officer: Aricio Fortes
Client: Tok&Stok
Executive Creative Director: Paulo Coelho
VP Digital Interactive: Igor Puga
Creative Director: Adriano Alarcon, Carlos Schleder, João Mostério
Art Director: Daniel Lobo
Designer: Daniel Matsumoto
Content Coordinator: Pedro Baptista
Community Manager: Thiago Martinez
Illustration: Big Studios, Rafael Nakahayashi, Rodrigo Alves
Project: Eduardo Martin, Fernando Tolusso, Rafael Gomes
Account: Marcelo Passos, Claudia Almeida, Tania Pena, Beatriz Rodrigues, Thais Moura
RTVC: Fabiano Beraldo, Juliana Henriques


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