Scholz & Friends Hamburg Recruiting: Pizza Digitale

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Scholz & Friends Hamburg Recruiting: Pizza Digitale

Concept: In cooperation with the delivery service Croque Master Scholz & Friends created the „Pizza Digitale“. A special pizza, which was for four weeks added to every order from other major agencies’ employees. The recipe was simple: Pizza dough with tasty tomato sauce, shaped like a QR-Code, which directly links to a mobile landing page. That way we made sure our message – Scholz & Friends is seeking for Digital Creatives – would reach just the right person.
The Result: Lots of job interviews and some new teams for our Digital Department.
Target Audience: All major agencies’ employees, who have enough digital competence to decode the Pizza Digitale.

Advertising Agency: Scholz & Friends, Germany
Creative Directors: Marc Kittel, Pedro Sydow
Copywriter: Christopher Nothegger
Art Director: Stefan Schabenberger
Graphic:: Kathrin Fach
Technical Direction:: Andreas Maser
Web Development:: Aleksandr Lossenko

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