Cif’s App Extends From Cleaning Up Kitchens to Racist Graffiti

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In a great example of how mobile reporting can help communities, Unilever cleaning brand Cif has set about tackling racist Romanian graffiti. The brand has launched an app which allows Romanians to take a picture of offensive graffiti around Bucharest, using the phone’s location tracking to automatically tag, upload and report the photo for consideration. Reported sites are visited by a Cif cleaning crew, which after removing the graffiti, documents the brand’s efforts and uploads them to a campaign website showing the good they’ve created.

The campaign speaks to how many brands are starting to use functional metaphor to demonstrate their product claims, from Ajax’s recent social wipes campaign to higher involvement efforts like Audi’s stop start mobile battery saving app from 2013. The brand’s approach to using mobile data for good builds on some other self reporting app initiatives, such as DIY democracy, which hopes to allow citizens in the US to report community issues to law makers.

The campaign shows how corporate responsibility efforts and product claims comms can create greater engagement through simple mobile and experiential executions.

Client: CIF, Unilever
Agnecy: MRM//McCann Romania
Chief Creative Officer: Nir Refuah, Adrian Botan
Copywriter: Ioana Zamfir
Art Director: Bogdan Dinu, Ana Maria Caizerliu
CD: Alexandru Dumitrescu


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