Mercedes-Benz: The Instagram Car Builder

by admin

We all take photos and make friends on Instagram, but did you know you could build a Mercedes-Benz? To celebrate the launch of the all-new 2015 GLA, we’ve created the first Build Your Own on Instagram, allowing you to customize the compact SUV of your dreams, in just a few taps. Ready for something new? Then start building your GLA on Instagram now.​

So when you’re looking to get potential customers into a virtual car builder, you probably don’t think of instragram. But maybe you should (I can already see the car brands lining up to do this)… Meet Mercedes-Benz’s GLA Car Builder in Instagram. It’s kind of similar to how the IKEA Kitchen Instagram campaign worked, but for cars, and it’s a lot of fun!
By going to the new GLA Instagram page, you are taken on a guided journey inside Instagram to explore and customise your new car. Wheels, Colours, Sunroof… Everything! And at the end, you’re taken to the end product you just created. Ready to like and share on Instagram


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