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These Volkswagen ‘Brake Assist’ Ads Put Pedestrian Safety First
Good brakes are one of the most important features to think about when buying a car, especially as far as these Volkswagen ‘Brake Assist’ print ads are concerned. The print ads were done by advertising agency DDB Mudra in Mumbai, India.

Each of the print ads showcases a different scenario in which Volkswagen’s superior brakes come in handy. Braking when an old man, child or businessman crosses in front of your car is something most drivers can relate to.

Whether or not you have had a close call when you had to to suddenly brake, most drivers can appreciate what these Volkswagen ‘Brake Assist’ print ads are trying to convey. By having good quality brakes, you can not only protect yourself should such a situation arrise, but you can also protect those around you! These Volkswagen ‘Brake Assist’ ads are undoubtedly effective.

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