Akatu: Fake Shower App

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Couples who live or travel together suffer from a lack of privacy when it’s time to perform their bodily activities. Usually a very thin wall separates the one who is in the bathroom from the ones in the bedroom. To mask the unpleasant noises that come from the bathroom, the most common resource is starting the shower. Which means: gallons of water are wasted simply to prevent an embarrassment. So Leo Burnett Tailor Made created an iPhone app for Akatu, the institute that works for the awareness of society in sustainable consumption. The Fake Shower simulates the noise of a running shower or tap. When the user goes to the restroom – with someone on the outside – all he needs is to activate the app to mask the noises emitted when you are… doing a number 2. At the end, the user receives the information of how many gallons of water were not wasted by using the app.

Advertising Agency: Leo Burnett Tailor Made, Brazil
Creative Director: Ruy Lindenberg
Art Director: Murilo Melo
Copywriter: Julio D’Alfonso
Agency Producers: Celso Groba, Fernanda Moura, Marcelinho Romero, Camila Aquilo, Rafael Messias
Account Managers: Isabel Coletta, Laura Morano, Soraya Joukhadar, Maytê Godoy
Client Approval: Helio Mattar, Ana Wilheim, Ludmila Frateschi
Mobile Agency: PorQueNão?
Managers: Igor Saraiva, Vinícius Porto
Designer:Carlos de Lemos, Carol Saravalli
UX Designer: Raphael Lopes
Project Manager: Marco Júlio
Movie Production: Vagalume Animation Studios
Movie Director: Heber Conde
Movie Art Direction: Heber Conde and Thiago Almeida
Composition: Yohann da Geb e Heber Conde
Rigging: Luciano Nazario
Animation: Ricardo Jost e Fabiano Gama
Render: Yohann da Geb
Modelling: Bruno Hakk Coimbra
Illustrator: Thiago Almeida
Manager: Thiago Fogaça
Sound Production: S de Samba
Sound Producer: Ale Marcondes
Maestro: Henrique Nicolau

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