The Tweeting Fridge

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The reason for the low average is simple: people don’t remember to drink water, especially during work hours.
To change that, Bonafont, the market leader in bottled water, wanted to increase the consumption of its product by making people remember to drink more water daily.

We started by sending a desktop mini fridge with 2 liters of Bonafont to one of the most influential twitters in the country.

So far, it was only an innovative gift. But the story changed when the fridge was opened. Thanks to technology, we gave the device a digital life.

Every time the fridge door was opened, a tweet was automatically posted on the celebrity’s timeline, telling her thousands of followers she was drinking water, and motivating them to do the same.

With hundreds of predefined messages, every day her network was reminded to take an extra sip.

Simple, precise and with a high replication factor, in a short while the first fridge became an object of desire.
As the fridge opens and closes, the brand’s massage spreads impressively.

Once a month a new personality would join the cause, receiving a new fridge and helping make more people aware of how important it is to drink water.

Now Bonafont reminds millions of people to drink water. 2 liters. Every day.

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