IE9′s Battle for Beauty: Real Life Interactive Game

by admin

Here’s a cool event where real life meets the online world. Last week, in downtown Toronto, Microsoft showcased a real life version of their Battle for Beauty, a multiplayer HTML5 game optimised for Internet Explorer 9.
Battle for Beauty was created by TAXI, a development studio, in conjunction with Microsoft for their HTML5 Beauty of the Web initiative. It pits the “ugly side of the web” versus the “beautiful side of the web” (aka. Internet Explorer 9). In this real life interactive version people in Toronto could play in person by interacting with a giant screen. Online players were able to see the game, over the two days, from the live location. The real life crowd were able to play against online internet users, lights, smoke and sound were generated from the internet.
Battle for Beauty is the first HTML5 multiplayer game to be played simultaneously online and in the real world. This game demonstrates that by supporting HTML5, Internet Explorer 9 provides a faster and richer browsing experience. What a great event. Would you have liked to play this one?

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