Orangina: Shake the Dispenser

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Although shaking the bottle is part of Orangina’s DNA, consumers have a tendency to forget to shake their favorite beverage, especially when it’s in a can. The fact is, being that they can’t see the contents, they forget to mix the pulp.

Based on these insights, Orangina imagined a fun and viral street marketing operation, that you can now see on video.

At the beginning of December, passers-by were able to discover a surprising Orangina dispenser during 48 hours. With each coin, the can rolled forward then suddenly got stuck. Frustrated, the consumers soon understood that they needed to shake the dispenser to get their favorite beverage. Like a punching ball, the machine, surprisingly mobile, was shaken, and shoved. When the machine considered that the pulp was su ciently mixed, the can was freed, to a round of applause and the new brand signature “Shake the world”.

Advertising Agency:Buzzman, Paris, France
President:Georges Mohammed-Cherif
Executive Creative Director:Georges Mohammed-Cherif
Creative Directors:Tristan Daltro, Louis Audard
Head Of Innovation:François Phan
Integrated Producer:Christelle Pereira
Head Of Studio:Jeremy Bouchet
Head Of Tv:Vanessa Barbel, Emilie Lepot
Print Producers:Vanessa Barbel, Emilie Lepot
Tv Producer:Benoit Crouet
Head Of Social Media:Julien Scaglione
Social Media Manager:Lucas Cirillo
Executive Production:Spoa Films
Executive Producer:Guillemette Cornefert
Director:Aurélien Journez
Design:5.5 Design Studio



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