The Village Death Revealer

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The Village is a magazine that focuses on city’s life, its infrastructure and transportation. In Moscow traffic incidents are one of the critical problems that takes away thousands of people’s live annually. In fact, in spite of car accidents happening daily, they come unnoticed by the majority. Why? Because all their consequences and traces are quickly taken care of and cleaned. So only a few passers-by and drivers can see the deformed cars, the injured and the bodies of the dead people. To attract people’s attention to the critical problem of traffic safety we launched the Death Revealer campaign. We developed an iPhone app Death Revealer that enables one to become instantly aware of all road traffic incidents that ever happened in the city – thanks to GPS, Google Maps and augmented reality. To release our App we developed an ambient program featuring the classic white outlines with red QR code.

Advertising Agency: Leo Burnett, Moscow, Russia
Creative Director: Mikhail Kudashkin
Creative Interactive Director: Grigory Sorokin
Art Director: Mikhail Derkach

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