New York Rescue Mission: Have the Homeless Become Invisible?

by admin

In this social experiment, unsuspecting people walked by relatives pretending to be homeless. Would they notice their family members? Or have the homeless become invisible?

Advertising Agency:Silver & Partners, New York, USA
Chief Creative Officer:Eric Silver
Creative Director:Howard Finkelstein
Producer:Joel Jeffords, Ian Blain
Interactive ACD:Justin Pedone
Business Director:Cristina Costantino
Production Company:Smuggler
Director:Jun Diaz
Executive Producer:Patrick Milling Smith, Brian Carmody, Allison Kunzman, Nancy Finn, Vicky Ferraro
Director Of Photography:Mike Berlucchi
Editing:Now Corporation
Editor:Jesse Reisner
Assistant Editor:Jessica Farmer
Audio House:Sound Lounge
Mixer:Tom Jucarone
Composer:Joel Simon


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