Movistar: Freak, Loser

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Movistar: Freak, Loser, Gay Movistar: Freak, Loser, Gay

With cases of suicide attempts in children under 8 years old and adolescents with deep depression, Ecuador is the second country in Latin America with the highest percentage of school cyberbullying. 55% of young Latin Americans have been victims of cyberbullying. According to figures revealed by the UN and the Telefónica Foundation. 37% was the increase in visits to the site (Movistar site that offers all kind of information about how to face this problem), with an average stay of 9.2 minutes.

Stop Cyberbullying.

Advertising Agency:Publicis, Quito, Equador
Creative General Director:Jairo Lezaca
Creative Directors:Andrés Redrován, Diego Melo
Art Directors:Diego Melo, Christian Jarrín
Copywriter:Andrés Redrován


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