Unión Nacional de Ciegos del Perú UNCP: The First Post in Braille

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The National Blind Unit (UNCP), using it’s Facebook page, posted an innovative piece, which transmits a virtual experience into the understanding how blind people read.
The agency McCann Lima creates for The National Blind Unit (UNCP), an innovative post on Facebook, which transmits a virtual experience into the understanding of how blind people read.
The image shows only the dots, braille writing, but what was new and unusual is how we use the tags of this network, because when you passed the mouse over the dots, it would read it’s immediate translation: “We don’t want you to read like us, we just want your attention”. This is the message in this peculiar print, which is quickly getting viral through out social networks and news pages of many different countries.
This publication, aimed to non-blind people, was meant to create awareness of the work the UNCP has been doing for over 80 years, regarding social inclusion of the otherwise visually incapacitated.

Advertising Agency:McCann Lima, Peru
Ccd:Mauricio Fernandez, Maldonado, Nicolas Romano
Copywriter:Frank Marti
Art Director:Christian Silva
Integration Digital Director:Miguel Bulnes
Social Media Executives:Jhonatan de la Cruz, Monica Campos
Case Production:7 Samurai
Director:Dante Effio
Producer:Kike Pacheco
Post Production:Animal FX


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