AXA: Crazy driver on a market day

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Bad drivers cost people a lot. There is a strong, shared feeling of having to pay more for insurance premiums because of other people’s poor driving behaviour. AXA, the first global insurance brand, is a People Protector: the Group is committed to better protecting people, day in and day out, before during and after the event, through proactive collaboration with public policy decision makers, education, information dissemination, and the design of relevant products & services. As a consequence, the AXA brand not only promotes safe driving but encourages it, amongst other things by properly rewarding good drivers. This new AXA campaign is a real life experience, to raise people’s awareness and make them realize that nobody wants to pay for bad drivers. With the help of a little old lady, we tricked people on the street: on an ordinary market day in a small, tranquil town, an old lady is getting out of her parking space. On her way out, she damages many vehicles all around her in front of awed passers-by. And right when you expect it to be over, she knocks over another couple of motorbikes that fall over one by one, domino style, before ending up in a line of market stalls. The reveal comes with a giant banner: “Nobody wants to pay for bad drivers. AXA rewards good drivers”. This is the end of this bad driver’s adventure… who is actually the best stunt woman in Holland.

Advertisign Agency: Publicis Conseil, Paris, France

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