Carulla: Shutter Billboards

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In Bogota, most stores close at 8 p.m. But Carulla 24-hour supermarkets stay open and offer everything people need: a deli, prepared foods, meats, vegetables, beverages, and spirits. So, we turned the closed night-time gates of several businesses into our billboards. We used them to say that though those stores were already closed, people could find what they were looking for in a Carulla 24 Hours.

We negotiated with small-store owners to let us paint our message on their gates in exchange for a monthly payment. In this way, we could deliver our message at the perfect time and place, while they profited during their nonworking hours.

Advertising Agency:Ogilvy & Mather, Bogota, Colombia
Chief Creative Officer:Jhon Raul Forero
Executive Creative Director:Juan Pablo Alvarez, Mauricio Guerrero
Creative Director:Julio Cesar Herazo, Amples Regiani
Copywritter:Julio Cesar Herazo, Jose Cardenas, Jorge Villareal
Art Director:Amples Regiani, Gabriel Escobar, Mauricio Reinoso
Graphic Designer:Maria Fernanda Ancines
Production Company:Direktor Films
Director:Felipe Suarez
Producer:Lali Giraldo


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