Jell-O: Facial Recognition Sampling Machine

by admin

To help launch the new Jell-o Temptations premium desert range for adults, sampling was always on the cards, but this machine takes sampling to a whole new level… It uses facial recognition software to detect the “Age” of the potential consumer, and if you happened to be too young, it would reject you, with a cheeky message reminding kids and their parents (that was the setting!) that they weren’t old enough to enjoy the new Jell-o range, because it was designed for adults only!
Strategically positioned in Chicago’s Shedd Aquarium, a location that was sure to grab the attention of hundreds of kids, it seems an ingenious way to get kids to entice parents after being rejected for a free treat, while giving each of the parents a warm smug feeling for reaping the benefits! A great idea mixed with a super smart media placement and interaction strategy. Created by CP+B

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