LEGO Meets Augmented Reality Gaming App

by admin

Could this be the future for LEGO as this classic brand innovates into the electronic gaming world? This video introduces LEGO’s “Life of George” the world’s first interactive game combining real LEGO bricks with apps for your iPhone.
The clever thing about this game is it’s simplicty, LEGO have kept the game accessible to a whole range of ages, it’s also easy to grasp without losing the potential to be pretty addictive. During the game ‘George’ shows you pictures which you have to recreate from LEGO. Once the picture is complete in LEGO form, you take a picture of your object on the Playmat. From this picture, a brick recognition system from EyeCue awards you points for speed and accuracy.
It’s great to see the innovation here and I think it’ll be an exciting space to keep watching as real life games meet new technology. George even has a Facebook page.

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