Mercedes-Benz: Augmented Reality Accessories

by admin

Ever wondered how those Mercedes-Benz accessories really look at every angle when added to the car? Well, now you don’t have to. Mercedes-Benz has launched a series of new Augmented Reality Apps across iOS/Android for a few of its accessory lines, with more to come later this year…
To kick it off, Mercedes-Benz lets you explore the Fitnessbike in a detailed Augmented Reality experience, along with all sorts of additional content overlayed on the app interface. But more like it is once you start to explore the additional sports accessories for say, the new C-Class.
I guess the real question here is, do you really need this to be an Augmented Reality experience? I don’t think so, it’s probably just “cooler” rather than a “functional” execution in my opinion… But, I’d hate that to get in the way of brands experimenting with new, innovative mediums, plus I’m sure there is something special for that Mercedes-Benz demographic to hold a device and explore their future purchase through an AR experience

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