Volkswagen’s Augmented Reality App

by admin

Volkswagen are promoting the big come back of their Golf Cabriolet with an augmented reality app. The French agency behind this concept is Paris based Agency.V. who have created a world first with this AR car showroom app for the iPad2, iPhone and Android.
Once you’ve downloaded the app it lets you explore the vehicle and play with it’s features; you can open the soft-top roof, rotate the car, check the vehicle’s details, change the body colour or the style of the rims. You can even take a picture of yourself with the virtual car and share each step of this experience through your social networks.
While this isn’t ground breaking, it’s great to see VW experimenting with new ways to promote their cars. Keep up the good work! What do you guys think?
It’s available from the French iTunes Store for iPhone, iPad 2 and also for Android which is cool.

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