Zero Calorie: Cinnabon Rolls

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Cinnabon wanted to promote their world famous cinnamon rolls. But in a world full of diets and health fads, they found people were afraid of eating such products. They needed to get them to enjoy the range without fear of getting fat. So they launched a brand new product, without actually creating one. Introducing the Zero Calorie Cinnabon Rolls. Agency BBDO Moscow.

Category: Restaurants & fast food
Client: Cinnabon
Agency: BBDO Moscow
Production: Ambitiсa
Country: Russia
Director: Natalia Levanova
Executive Creative Director: Igor Lutz
Creative Director: Adrian Ely
Art Director: Raluca Stroe
Copywriter: Andrey Yarinich
Producer: Pasha Voloshin
Composer: The Vitamins
Music + Sound Production: Goudron Music Factory
Event agency: BBDO Fuse
Managing Director: Daria Ivanova
Account Manager: Ekaterina Berezovskaya
Senior Account Manager: Tatiana Titova
Assistant: Dyuzheva Kseniya

Production company: AmbitiÑa
General Director: Victor Shimanovsky
Ambitica Account Director: Irina Tederson
Ambitica Account Manager: Kseniya Kozhemyak
Head of Projects Department: Svetlana Penkova
Head of Indoor Department: Olga Eldyreva
Cameraman: Anastasiya Navarko, Nikita Polyakov
The Ambient Advert titled ‘Zero Calorie’ Cinnabon Rolls was done by BBDO Moscow advertising agency for product: Cinnabon Cafe (brand: Cinnabon) in Russia. It was released in the Aug 2012.

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