Electrolux / Ergothree: 43dB Symphony

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The challenge was simple yet tough: “Can orchestra play ‘Carmen’ without exceeding 43dB, the noise level of the Electrolux Ergothree?”

Without exceeding the operating noise of 43dB Ergo three (in decibels), orchestra How can play “Carmen”?
The audience is not forgiven even sat and cleared his throat. In a quiet concert, audience and orchestra in one most
I will challenge is. To reduce to 43dB (whisper level), the performance of the force near 90dB, high technology prompts you would normally. The gave me a challenge, everyone of Waseda University Symphony Orchestra. The in-depth rehearsal, until it succeeds also a production day, again and again and gone through take.

Can Orchestra Play Carmen Without Exceeding 43dB, the noise level of Ergothree? The audience Are not allowed to make even the Smallest sound, Like moving in chair or clearing Throat. This IS the Challenge of Orchestra and audience to ACCOMPLISH the Quietest concert ever. It requires high performance skills for full orchestra to play the score under 43dB (which is as quiet as whispering), for it can easily exceed 90dB when normally performed. Waseda University orchestra took on this challenge, and went through careful rehearsals and so many takes until we finally made ​​it.

Advertising Agency:Tbwa\Hakuhodo, Tokyo, Japan
Creative Director:Satoshi Chikayama
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Interactive Designer:Masashi Matsukura
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Cinematographer:Masashi Nakahara
Production Producer:Keisuke Mizusako, Mana Hisamatsu
Production Manager:Tetsuro Iwama, Makoto Tominaga
Account Director:Kei Kaneko
Account Executive:Ayako Kano
Account Supervisor:Kei Takahashi
Web Producer:Yusuke Koike
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Music Performance:Waseda Symphony Orchetra


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