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Tweets transformed into Rhymes. Brainwaves transformed into art. In real time. Only for such a unique action could Emicida (the most famous Brazilian rapper) lend his brainpower to Intel and Vice for a concert at “The Creators Project,” an event that combines art and technology. The rapper, who was challenged by the audience at the event to create rhymes using words that were suggested during the performance trough twitter, acted like a human processor and had all of his cerebral impulses monitored and converted into incredible images, live. The action took place at the Bienal Pavilion, in Sao Paulo, Brazil, and was a methaphor for the concept of the Second Generation Core processors: smart performance, stuning visuals.
Each word submitted by the audience via the Twitter hashtag #emicidaCreators, caused a reaction in Emicida’s brain. All of this movement was transformed into a generative art animation, representing his brain activity in real time.
Emicida’s outfit was also far from usual. He wore a cap that transmited data to a computer, generating amazing visual images.
The intervention was part of Emicida’s new album launch, Doozicabraba Family, produced by The Studio – a global business incubator that produces and distributes works by artists in the different creative disciplines unveiled by the project.
The live performance was recorded and then edited as the first music video 100% connected to its audience. The action took place during the concert publicizing his new album.
“In Brazil not many people knows exactly what is a processor and what it does. This branded experience allowed us to clear that point in an unique way, showing that besides being fast a processor can also enable amazing visual experiences for our consumers. The repercussion was incredible showing that technology does speak stronger when combined with an human touch.” -Moacyr Netto, Creative Director and Head of Convergence
About The Creators Project
The Creators Project is a global cultural and technology initiative by Intel and Vice, and this is its second edition in Brazil. The three day event presents multimedia installations, movie screenings, discussion panels, workshops and concerts. The Creators Project includes some of the world’s main artists, musicians, filmmakers and designers.

Agency: DDB Brasil

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