Xbox Kinect: The Magic Of Movement

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Xbox Kinect wanted to prove that the limits of movement rely on our minds, not on our bodies, so we create Move On Challenge Kinect, an experiment were people could play with a stranger; at the end of the challenge they met their opponent and their reactions were surprising.

Advertising Agency:Wunderman/Y&R, Bogotá, Colombia
Chief Creative Officer:Mauricio Rocha
Executive Creative Director:Juan Pablo Alvarado, Tito Chamorro
Creative Director:Sebastian Sanchez, Julián Andrés Núñez
Copywriter:Sebastián Mojica, Daniel Piza, Paloma Botero
Art Director:Oscar Riaño, Victor Palacio, Cristian Roncancio, Luisa Galán
Animation:Gerardo Torres
Executive Account Director:Andrea Bernal
Executive:Diana Gomez, Lina Ruiz
Producer:Loto Films
Sound Studios:Camilo Lucena, Dana Magallan, Studios Machina


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